A new collection of unique plates from Maremoro.

Describing Sicily through our ceramics is a real challenge. That’s why we have created an exclusive new collection of tableware which evokes art and history.

Epic scenes of the paladins and the bright colours of Sicilian carts transform our dishes into breathtaking objets d’art.

A powerful aesthetic brought to vibrant life through this imagery of helmets, flowers, cartwheels and typical Sicilian decorations.

The production process is very long and delicate and requires technique, skill, precision and lots of patience during the decoration phase.

We suggest using a neutral-coloured tablecloth to make these fantastic pieces of Italian craftsmanship – all made in our workshops in Caltagirone, Sicily, where the smell of clay mixes with the colours and heat of the kilns – stand out even more.

With our dishes, you bring Sicilian tradition and a history full of passion and feeling to your table.