Our beloved Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and its geographical position means it has always been a place of transit. Many peoples from distant lands have left their mark, enriching Sicily with their traditions, colours, scents and flavours.

From the Arab civilization we inherited the lemmo, a beautiful terracotta bowl that was indispensable to our grandmothers for the preparation of thick tomato paste and for salting olives.

With their rustic appearance, our lemmos are truly iconic. They evoke all the flavour of Sicily and of its country farmhouses full of the delicious smells of cooking and with long tables set for the whole family.
We make them completely by hand in order to provide you with a unique product – one whose details contain all the poetry of the past and the charm of Italian artisan skill.

Our lemmos are decorated with citrus fruits, sea colours, vibrant and eccentric decorations and even an occasional touch of Asian style.

With their conical shape they are perfect for bringing your favourite recipes to the table and for serving tasty spaghetti, crisp salads and for surprising your guests.