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The pink prickly pear is crafted and decorated by hand in Caltagirone (Sicilia).

The presence of any small irregularities should be considered proof of the piece’s unique, hand-crafted nature.

  • Height: 40 cm
  • Pink glaze with decorative prickly pears
  • Hand crafted and painted in Caltagirone (Sicily)
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% ceramic

Our ceramics are made entirely by hand.

For this reason no two products will ever be exactly identical.

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Prickly Pear Pink – Caltagirone Ceramic

The Sicilian ceramic prickly pear we produce is a wonderful ornament with a typically Mediterranean flavour.

It was inspired by the shape of the plant which has always been part of the Sicilian landscape and which has become a symbol of this land so rich in colours and perfumes.

Each of our prickly pears is shaped and worked by hand in the workshops in Caltagirone where, in an atmosphere of rich Sicilian tradition, we approach them as pieces of design.

This is why we study at length the nuances of colours in order to ensure we obtain exactly the one we want.


The process begins when the clay which is our raw material is shaped by hand to obtain the desired prickly pear shape.
After leaving it to cool naturally and slowly in the open air, the prickly pear undergoes its first firing for 36 hours at a temperature of about 980°C.
After this, the piece is cooled and then immersed in tanks containing a white enamel.

Once it has dried, it is given a second firing, for 36 hours at a temperature of around 920°C.


Our objects are the result of combining respect for an ancient tradition of ceramic art with a design-oriented vision to offer you excellent artisan products with a contemporary feel.

The ceramic prickly pear is perfect for making a corner of your living room unique and bringing a touch of Sicily into your life.

It can be used in an endless range of ways: as a centrepiece for the table, on a bookcase, on the dresser in the bedroom, on a window sill or even on a shelf in the living room. It’s versatile and fits in perfectly wherever you decide to put it.


To clean, use a soft, damp, non-abrasive cloth.

Do not use chemical cleaners, as these may damage the glaze.

Handle with care, making sure to avoid dropping the object, knocking it against hard surfaces (even the slightest bump can chip the surface) or anything else which might damage it.

Always handle prickly pears with care, making sure not to put pressure on the decorations.

We recommend holding the base of your prickly pear with both hands when moving it.

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Dimensions 35 cm

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