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The Onofrio Moor’s head vase is 38 cm high and is cast and decorated entirely by hand in Caltagirone.

The presence of any small imperfections should be considered proof of its uniqueness and the result of the artisan realisation of the object.

  • Height: 38 cm
  • White glazed finish with prickly pears applied
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Realised and painted by hand in Caltagirone (Sicily)
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% ceramic

Our ceramics are made entirely by hand, and for this reason no one product will ever be exactly identical to another.

Out of stock


Onofrio lives in the Valley of the Temples.

He wakes up every morning surrounded by wonderful ruins lit by the dawn light and goes to sleep bathed in the delicate light of the moon.

By day he makes tasty jams from the prickly pears and dreams of moving to the Scala dei Turchi cliffs.

He has never been, but thinks he would be happy there too.

The Onofrio Moor’s head vase is available in three sizes: 17 cm, 27 cm and 38 cm.


The process of creating an Onofrio Moor’s head vase involves two firings in a kiln.

The first lasts thirty-six hours at a temperature of about 980°C.

After this, the piece is slowly cooled and then immersed in tanks containing the enamel which will give the surface of the object its distinctive, eternally glossy appearance.

Once it has dried, the head is decorated by hand by our master craftsmen and then given a second firing to glaze the enamel.

This takes about thirty-six hours at a temperature of 920°C.


The Onofrio Moor’s head vase is perfect for rendering a corner of your home unique.

It is also ideal for outside areas like terraces, balconies and gardens.

It can contain plants of all types.

Onofrio is also an ideal gift for a loved one.


To clean the object, use a soft, damp, non-abrasive cloth.

Do not use chemical cleaners, as these may damage the glaze.

The product should be handled with care, making sure to avoid dropping it, knocking it against hard surfaces (as even the slightest bump can chip the surface) or anything else which might damage it.

Always handle Moor’s heads with care, making sure not to put pressure on the crown or decorations.

Hold the base with both hands when moving your Moor’s Head.

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Dimensions 38 cm

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