In this section you will find our answers to your most frequently asked questions about orders, features, use, personalization and care of our ceramics.
In case you need further assistance, remember that you can always contact our Customer Service at: info@ceramichemaremoro.com

How should my product be handled?2018-01-30T10:36:19+01:00

The product should be handled with care, making sure to avoid dropping it, knocking it against hard surfaces (as even the slightest bump can chip the surface) or anything else which might damage it.


1 – Always handle Moor’s heads with care, making sure not to put pressure on the crown or decorations.

2 – Hold the base with both hands when moving your Moor’s Head.


1 – Do not use abrasive sponges.

2 – Take care not to bang them together when loading the dishwasher and separate them well to avoid friction during the wash.

Why is the product I received not exactly like the photo?2018-01-30T10:38:15+01:00

Each product is created and decorated entirely by hand. For this reason, no one piece is exactly identical to another, a feature which makes it even more valuable.

How can I clean my Moor’s head?2018-01-30T10:40:36+01:00

Moor’s heads can be cleaned simply by using a damp, non-abrasive cloth and without the use of chemical cleaning products.

To remove dust, use a soft brush, rinse the Moor’s head under running water, or immerse it in a basin filled with lukewarm water for ten minutes.

Gently pat it dry with a soft towel and let it dry slowly in the open air out of direct sunlight, keeping the base raised so as to allow the air to circulate for perfect drying.

Can I fill my Moor’s head with water?2018-01-30T10:41:38+01:00

Ceramic products tend to absorb moisture, and therefore when you fill a Moor’s head with water, condensation forms on the sides and base.

For this reason we advise you not to leave a Moor’s head filled with water in direct contact with furniture or surfaces, and to take the precaution of placing it on a waterproof mat or coaster.

Are Moor’s heads vases?2018-01-30T10:44:32+01:00

They are design pieces intended for decoration.

For this reason we advise against using them as normal vases, as fertilizers and chemicals might cause damage.

Can I leave my Moor’s head outside in winter?2018-01-30T10:43:35+01:00

Ceramic objects should not be exposed to very low temperatures.

In winter, it is advisable to bring them inside the house or to cover them to protect them from freezing.

How can I use my Moor’s head?2018-01-30T10:46:55+01:00

Our Moor’s heads are perfect for making a corner of your living room unique or for being used in an original way, such as for utensils on a kitchen shelf, for example, or for holding your toothbrushes on the sink, or even at the centre of of the table, filled with delicious breadsticks.

There are smudges in the decoration. Why?2018-01-30T10:52:40+01:00

The decoration is carried out by hand using brushes, so any smudges should not to be considered defects but rather proof of the unique, hand-crafted nature of the piece.

Is it possible to customize the object with a name or a date?2018-01-30T10:50:43+01:00

Certainly, and it is a wonderful idea for a unique gift.

Delivery times may be longer.

Please send an email to info@ceramichemaremoro.com specifying your request.

Can I wash my dishes in the dishwasher?2018-01-30T10:49:31+01:00

Yes, our colours can withstand non-industrial dishwashing temperatures.

Pre-wash the dishes with a soft sponge, avoiding abrasive sponges which might damage the glaze.