Our Moor heads mignon vases are full of all the charms of Sicily.
We like experimenting with shapes, but also with colours.
That’s why we have created a collection of Moor’s heads mignon in a range of colours.

We put the clay inside the gypsum moulds which allow us to carry out the first step of the production, known as ‘collaggio’. 
Once dry, these very small Moor’s head vases are immersed in tanks containing enamel and are then fired in the kiln, a process which lasts several days.

Our mignon Moor’s head vases are are 6 cm tall and are sold in pairs, and are perfect for holding small fresh flowers, aromatic herbs or toothpicks, or as candleholders at the centre of the table for a romantic dinner.

These beautiful mignon Moor’s head vases are also ideal as wedding favors or gifts for a christening or other special occasion.

When you purchase a Maremoro product you bring a piece of genuine Sicilian craftsmanship into your life.