Measuring 10 cm x 10 cm, our beautiful hand-made Sicilian majolica tiles possess a uniquely artisanal flair.

If you are looking for ceramic decorations, this collection is perfect for you.
All our products are extremely versatile and will work perfectly with your furnishings or as eye-catching decorative elements.

The beauty of our decorated Sicilian ceramic tiles is the result of their long and complex production process, which takes many days.

As well as for decoration, they can be utilised creatively in the home to add colour to your table, where they can be used as coasters for bottles, glasses or coffee cups, for serving biscuits or finger food, or for holding candles.

Let yourself be enchanted by their vibrant colours, realised entirely without the use of prints or decals.

Our handcrafted majolicas are also a beautiful gift for those who love Sicilian art and the Caltagirone decorative style, and can be personalised for use as wedding favours or for other special occasions.