The timeless charm of the most iconic jar in the Mediterranean.

From the ancient Sicilian peasant tradition comes the burnia, an entirely handmade jar in glazed terracotta of the kind used by our grandmothers to preserve foods in salt and brine.

This collection is a tribute to an object that can be found in every Sicilian home, and which is fundamental for the preparation of many local dishes.

It was used to preserve aubergines, anchovies, olives and meat, and once filled was closed with a lid to guarantee the excellent quality of the final product.

Our skilled artisans have brought back to life this symbol of Mediterranean cuisine which has accompanied the history of so many families and which evokes old aromas and long Sunday lunches.

Our burnia is a wonderfully scenographic object which can be used in a variety of different ways – as a furnishing accessory or as a vase for flowers, or as a container for foods like pasta, flour, nuts, olives or potatoes.