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The Cummari measure 25 cm in height and are handmade in Sicily.
Thanks to the opening on the top of each, they are not only beautiful ornaments but also can be used as vases to hold freshly-cut flowers.

Any small irregularities should be considered proof of the products’ unique handmade nature.

  • Height: 25 cm
  • Base diameter: 13 cm
  • Upper opening diameter: 9 cm
  • Glazed finish
  • Crafted and decorated by hand in Sicily
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% ceramic

Because of their handmade nature, no two of our items will ever be absolutely identical.

In stock


La Cummare – Donna Grazia – Decorated Sicilian ceramic Moor’s head 25 cm

Our line of “Le Cummari” heads was created as a tribute to the wonderful women of Sicily and the world.

We modelled the clay by hand to create sculptures with delicate features, large, intense eyes, lips painted a bright red and scarves with the bright colours of our hand-painted decorations adorning their heads.

The elegant sculpted lines of our Cummari are the main element which brings these wonderful vases to life.


The Cummari undergo two slow kiln firings.

The first lasts 36 hours and takes place at a temperature of about 980°C.
Once the first firing is complete, the heads are allowed to cool and then immersed in vats containing the glaze which gives them their characteristic shiny appearance.
Once dried, the second firing is carried out to fix the glaze.
This operation lasts 36 hours and takes place at a temperature of about 920°C.


The 25cm “Le Cummari” heads are ideal for bringing the unique charm of true Sicilian craftsmanship into a corner of your home, as well as the perfect gift for amazing those you love.

They are watertight, and can be used as vases to hold freshly-cut flowers.


Clean with a damp, soft, non-abrasive cloth.
Do not use chemical detergents which might damage the glaze.
Handle the product with care, making sure not to drop it, bang it into hard surfaces or otherwise damage it.

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Dimensions 25 cm

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