The Caltagirone artistic ceramics are famed throughout the world for their artistic and cultural value – but not all Caltagirone ceramics are the same.

With Maremoro, we aim to offer you a modern product that embodies Mediterranean taste while respecting all the various stages of the delicate artisanal process.

The protagonists are our products – the Moor’s Head vases, the crockery and tableware collection, the majolicas, our stories, our craftsmen who skillfully work the clay to shape it, and the heat of the ovens which indelibly fixes the hand-painted decorations.

The work is as complex and as cheerful as Sicily itself, and the colours are as bright as its sun, its wine, its fruits and the ingredients of its cuisine.

A blend of intertwined history, design and legend which forms the unique flavour that only hand-made products can possess.

With Maremoro, you’re not just bringing a beautiful made-in-Italy home décor object into your life – you are becoming part of a magical story

Giving life to our ceramics is an act of love for Sicily, that incredible and inspiring island.

We want our products to help you experience a little of the magical atmosphere that surrounds us.

We will let you enter the workshops where we transform an idea into reality.

Caltagirone artistic ceramics

We’ll help you discover this world of colours and traditions.

Each of our products will lead you by the hand on a journey through passion, fire, wind, ceramics, sea, sun and earth.

We will show you our beloved Sicily, a unique land of inestimable value.