Our “Young Lovers” collection of Moor’s Heads was created to exalt love, and it is from love that it takes all its colours.

Red like passion, yellow like the sun which each lover represents for the other, light blue like the sky, green like the hope that love will last forever, black like the night that ignites the two lovers’s passion and white like the purity of a true feeling.

The “Young Lovers” symbolise the romanticism hidden within this product of Sicilian craftsmanship, whose form tells the tale of a powerful, burning passion.

Our ceramics are entirely hand-made in respect of the production methods specified by the most ancient tradition.

Though our Moor’s Heads are, to all intents and purposes, vases which are perfect for containing flowers, they are above all interior design accessories – objets d’art, perfect for decorating your balcony or a corner of your home.

The tradition of craftsmanship meets modern art.

The “Young Lovers” Moor’s Heads are available in three sizes: 14 cm, 23 cm, 33 cm.