Our Mediterranean Moor’s heads are produced in Caltagirone and can be used to furnish your indoor and outdoor spaces.

They are created with the typical symbols of our land – lemons, chillies and prickly pears, transformed into delightful ceramic decorations that evoke Sicily’s perfumes and timeless charm.

Our Mediterranean Moor’s heads are crafted and decorated entirely by hand in accordance with the ancient tradition of Caltagirone ceramics, known worldwide for their uniquely lively colours.

They are beautiful home design accessories which will make a corner of your home unique.

The modern design of each completely hand-crafted vase represents this unique land and captures its perfumes, its flavours and its culture.

Objects which will bring a taste of Sicily into your home, adding a minimal, modern touch, but with an unmistakeable Mediterranean flavor.

Each of our Made-in-Italy decorated Sicilian ceramic Moor’s heads is crafted in our workshops, where we transform craftsmanship into art.

Our Mediterranean Moor’s heads are perfect for holding plants and flowers, and can be used both inside and outside your home.