Prestigious and elegant Sicilian ceramics from Caltagirone with a modern design.


Maremoro’s handcrafted ceramics from Caltagirone will accompany you on a journey of discovery through an incredible world.

And each of our Moor’s head vases tells a tale whose principal ingredients are Sicily, craftsmanship and art.

Each object, moulded and decorated entirely by hand is a unique product.

For this reason, when you choose Maremoro you ensure you are buying an exclusive design piece produced in accordance with the ancient traditions of ceramic making.

Heart, water, fire, air and hands that work are the elements from which our tale begins.

Discover our collections of handmade 100% Italian ceramics: Moor’s heads, Sicilian decorated plates, salad bowls, bowls, serving plates, tea cups, majolicas and prickly pears.


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Express your creativity by using our ceramics in whichever way you please.

Depending on the size you choose, you can place our Moor’s heads on the window sill to arouse the curiosity of passers-by, or in the corner of a terrace holding a plant decked out with string-lights to create an inviting nocturnal atmosphere.

At the centre of the table, for example, they can hold delicious freshly-baked breadsticks your guests will love.

On a bedside table they set the mood for a restful night and a sweet awakening.

Caltagirone handcrafted ceramic-modern moor's head
Caltagirone handcrafted ceramic-modern moor's heads

Caltagirone handcrafted ceramic-yellow moor's head

They’re also perfect for holding your wooden spoons in the kitchen, or as vases for your favourite herbs.

Next to the sink in the bathroom too, to hold your toothbrushes.
On your desk, filled with with coloured pencils.

As a gift of good wishes to a person you love, or as a symbol of prosperity for a couple of lovers.

Or in the simplest way of all, filled with fragrant flowers that bring a touch of poetry to your style.