Our Sicilian ceramic prickly pears are the perfect accessory for giving character to a corner of your living room.

They were inspired by the prickly pear plant, one of the symbols of our wonderful Sicily.

Our prickly pears are made by hand in Caltagirone and it is thanks to the experience of our master craftsmen that we can offer you an ornament of the highest quality, produced in accordance with the rules of the ceramic tradition.

Browsing though the pages of our site, you will discover our objects and the wonderful stories that only they can tell.

It is the blend of design and Mediterranean personality which makes our our ceramic Moor’s heads and dishes unique, allowing us to offer you objects which give an urban-minimal twist to a traditional piece.

It is a mixture of legend, creativity and skill in the handling of raw materials which intertwine to create that unique style which only hand-made products possess.

With Maremoro, you are not just bringing into your life a beautiful Made-in-Italy design piece for your home-decor you are becoming part of a magical story.

Prickly pears
Prickly pears

When we began this project we thought of all the people like us – the ones who are eternally convinced that dreams can be brought to life.

That was our starting point, and we want to let you too immerse yourselves in the magical atmos-phere that surrounds us – an atmosphere made up of craftsmanship, clay, brushes, busy hands and hot ovens that fix the coloured glazes to our objects forever.

Ceramics must undergo two slow firings in the kiln, a process which lasts several days.

Only the most expert artisans are capable of carrying out this extremely delicate operation, and for this reason, each of our objects can be considered a unique work of art.


With Maremoro, you will be sure of owning a unique product, crafted and decorated by hand in accordance with the ancient tradition of Sicilian ceramics.